Joining a Golf Club

The joys of playing golf know no bounds. You are out in the open air, in the sunshine and living life to the full when you are whacking balls down the fairway with accuracy. You do a lot of walking and as a result, you improve your fitness. There’s also plenty of wildlife to watch while you are out doing the rounds. It really is a feel good activity.

golf-1486354_960_720Playing golf is also a social thing. While you can just go out there and practice your swing alone, the real joy of it is to share it with friends.

This is why all golf clubs have a pavilion where players can take tea or enjoy a couple of post golf pints. You can usually turn up casually at a golf club and pay as you go, but the real savings are to be made if you join a club. These days, most records are kept online. Some might worry about the security of their data, but any serious club takes data protection very seriously. Most clubs engage the services of specialized internet security companies such as to make sure that all records are kept safe and are made hack proof.

Clubs will normally charge an annual membership fee and players will then be given discounts for days out on the fairway as well as at the bar. Most clubs also feature a club shop where budding members can rent out golfing gear.

Golf clubs also show plenty of tournaments that are normally on pay per view on their big screen, so when you weigh up he pros and cons of joining your local one, it becomes a pretty obvious choice. Getting involved does involve a one off payment, but when you consider how much money you will save in the long-run, it definitely makes sense to join up.